Water, Sewer, Storm, & Closed Drainage

CCI is second to none in utilities construction. We routinely install or replace waterline, sanitary, or storm sewer (closed drainage) systems. With our advanced-technology equipment (GPS-guided excavators and dozers with GCS) and diversified manpower, we can install pipe ranging from 2 inches to 30 feet deep.

We have specialized equipment to install steel sheetpiling (mounted on end of excavators) for trench safety.

CCI is experienced in keeping utilities functional during all phases of the construction process.


CCI installs or replaces water mains ranging from 2 inches to 48 inches in diameter, in city, suburb, or pasture.


From 10-inch sanitary mains being installed in new subdivisions to 96-inch mains being replaced in 200-year-old cities, CCI is up to the challenge.

Storm Sewers & Closed Drainage Systems

CCI routinely installs and replaces closed-drainage storm sewer systems. From 4-inch underdrains to the largest elliptical pipes, we can handle it.

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